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Part of Cornwell Internet's contribution to the 2001 Literature Festival was a workshop on A Web of Words. To demonstrate how easily text can be displayed on the internet, we set up an "instant haiku" page, and invited visitors, real and virtual, to the Durham Literature Festival to contribute. Here are the haiku they wrote - and the page is still open: you are still welcome to add a haiku of your own to the collection.

A haiku is a Japanese poem of three lines, containing five, seven, and five syllables.

Traditional haiku contain a reference to the season - spring, summer, autumn or winter - but this need not be explicit.

Durham: Cathedral
Rises high upon its rock
Castle's built on sand.

by Roger

Verse should be epic,
Weighty, full of Sturm und Drang.
Haiku are for wimps.

by Chaz


Uttering strange sounds
Poets on a mat appear
Hypnotizing us

by Geoff

Some prefer epics:
No judgement. Some like haiku;
Some noise, some silence.

by Neil

Haiku are too zen,
too posed. The sound of one hand
clapping? Solid air.

by Chaz

Why fix a moment,
when transience is its point?
Let the small thing go.

by Chaz

I'll have the Quattro Stagioni, please

Tender shoots of verse
Haiku, the first miniature
Growth, promise of spring.

Long pale evenings
of midnight sun. Epics - stay
reading until dawn!

In the store cupboard
Bottled fruit glow red and gold:
Memories - haiku.

Night falls early now.
Outside, cold winds drive the snow.
Stay in, read novels.

by Jean

I am thankful today
Contemplation soul soothes
Yes, I am thankful

by Ian Isaac

Chaz, shut your ale hole
You, the bossy, mouthy child
Others run away

by Ian Isaac

Talk from the table
Chair legs scoot across the floors
Appliances hum

by Ian Isaac

I'm not very glad
Rainy feeling tired and sad
Circumstances bad

by Ian Isaac

My gut's turkey stuffed
People are starving elsewhere
How does that work out

by Martin Filderbrendt

expansive pine tree
nearly fills the entire house
needles ev'rywhere

by Ian Isaac

scott. knife in my chest.
i hide under the blankets,
tears, burning my cheeks.

by erikamarie

mi alma vendo
por ti, mi vida completo
cambio del tiempo

by erikamarie

White snow and bright sky
Deep blue and white cresting waves
a scene from my home

by Cornelia

plays folk music round the clock
well worth listening

by Roger

To love a person
Is to unselfishly love
Another person.

by mc

Little blue letters
Links to different places
All day I surf

by Christopher Loy

Trees dropping their leafs
Bitter chill fills the night air
Fall coming again

by Christopher Loy

Branches bushes leafs
Reds browns greens yellows falling
Bareness on the trees

by Christopher Loy

My friend likes hitting
Hitting me when he is bored
Pain sometimes hurts me

by Anna Nomis

Here I compose
Sitting sitting at a computer
Showing my Haiku

by Haiku Guy


Verses of poems
Little letters fill my heart
Haiku ascension

by Christopher Loy

Chocolate cheese cake
Hot fudge sunday with out nuts
Dessert is yummy

by CoCoDuder

what the hell is it?
never found myself all right
am I a misfit?

by RIP

crunching sound. a beep.
the data's in nirvana.
my head is bowed--pain.

by Andrew Gerber

little butterfly
flying in the wind today
winter is over

by Mary Westudock

Haiku for Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey in May Street
Stops. Looks down at - dead weeds?
No - a bird's skeleton.

by Jean

sweltering sunlight
a lizard pops its head out
of cooling system

by David Margetson

I asked myself once
if a man walks in his sleep
who's there to guide him

by David Margetson

Nausea grips me
Broken bodies, heavy heart
A monochrome world

by Kiyoko

On sugar limestone,
Juniper and violets
By the loud brown Tees.

by Jean

Tap on the keyboard,
the program is rewritten
so it works again.

by Roger

In the middle of the night
I wake up,
and there's still the dark.

by S.S. zero

Snowman please don't cry,
All your tears go into stream,
See you next winter!

by Brittany Tsai

Flowers bowing down,
Raindrops dancing on the pads.
Sunshine where are you?

by Brittany Tsai

The rest in peace sign doesnt madder
All that madders is the bad luck
If you sit on it.

by Dakota Grizzle

A leaf in the breeze
Swaying flying and twirling
In the wind it blows

by Aileen

A cold wild bird shimering in the sky his love fades for me in the vanlia skies my love stand alone but tears can't rewrite the past what shall I can I do

by Chanelle

Flash of thunder booms:
He is taking photographs
Of terrified men.

by Sean Godley

you are to me bright
bright as the stars that shine above
your light makes me dull

by Linda B.

tin roofs shimmering
antennas, guy wires, clotheslines-
boy looks at his kite

by einnos

a web service
portal is not a service

by Joe

Predishnoto lyato otmina sega, samoten kryasak na ptiza - esen e!

by Dimitar Boyadzhiev

I always knew it!
I even suspected it!
Now I've forgot it??

by Richard Fair

dont make me angry
Cos if you do i will snap
And you dont want that

by mr x

We try oh so hard
to find the perfect haiku
All of you succeed.

by Pat Mac

hospital room mist
fell across my father's eyes-
then hair of snow died

by stephen

cold wind unending
water over water waves-
the joy of ageing!

by paul

darkening evening sky
southern trains commute homeward
hot tea awaits

by Paul

Trapped in slices of bread
multiple universe--
Then birds eat the crumbs

by Gregory W Golden

sunday afternoon--

two scoops of journalists

in vanilla ice cream

by Gregory W Golden

winter solsticeó
sheets of ice
eclipse fluorescent moon

by Gregory W Golden

Thy rod and staff
Clap of thunder--
Praise the fist of mars

by Gregory W Golden

sweet bliss and innocence
constellation blue ox
beat sword into plough

by Gregory W Golden

Burgundy eyes
old bones tell lies
trail of spider web

by Gregory W Golden

peach wind spring--
in columns of twos
ants march across stars

by Gregory W Golden

black beetle bug
caught in soap bubble
why drain bathtub

by Gregory W Golden

tea water comes to
a boiling roll on stovetop
inner harmony

by phebe o'connor

winter soltice rains
tea water boiling on stove
warming up heart strings

by phebe o'connor

christmas eve a-light
the hearth fire brewing warmth
reading my 'kindle'

by phebe o'connor

christmas day morning_
gray clouds hovering over
warming fire's light

by phebe o'connor

day after x-mas
longing for sight of crocus
spring's harbinger bud

by anon

day after x-mas
longing for sight of crocus
spring's harbinger bud

by phebe o'connor

leafless branches leave
dry debris on ground fit for
kindling the spirit

by phebe o'connor

new year's day beckons_
heartfelt resolutions a-
waken the soul

by phebe o'connor

new year's day beckons_
heartfelt resolutions a-
waken the soul

by phebe o'connor

'global warming' freeze
a lie freezing common sense
those who might listen

by phebe o'connor

january cold_
warm toes by electric heat
holding a good read

by phebe o'connor

by anon

by anon

by anon

Street corner dust bin
Blossoming spring scent all round
Petals closed baby girl

by Thayumanavan G

Weed is what I smoke,
toke, toke, toke the night away,
haiku's are a joke.

by Wholeeeohkun

it is so hot
too many people around
and too much stress

by Lii Nua

it is so hot
too many people around
and too much stress

by Lii Nua